Afghanistan: Women suicide bombers kill at least 35 worshipers in Shia mosque

Afghanistan: Women suicide bombers kill at least 35 worshipers in Shia mosque


The attack by two kamikazes in a burqa killed at least 35 people on Friday.

The balance sheet increased on Saturday in Gardez, eastern Afghanistan, where the authorities counted 35 dead and 94 wounded in the aftermath of the attack of two suicide bombers in a burqa in a Shiite mosque, claimed by the jihadists of Afghanistan. Islamic State group.

“Of the 35 dead, three were children,” said Shamim Khan Katawazi, governor of Paktia province, adding that “among the 94 injured, seventeen, in critical condition, were transferred by helicopter to Kabul.” A previous report made Friday state of 29 dead and 81 wounded.

The chief of the provincial police, General Raz Mohammad Mandozai, confirmed the new count of victims, as well as the presence of children among them.

The suicide bombers disguised as women, hiding their explosive jackets under the burqas, burst into the mosque in Friday prayers and opened fire on the believers before activating their charges, causing carnage.

This is not the first time kamikazes have come under a burqa, taking advantage of the fact that women are rarely searched. In the evening of Saturday, the Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the attack via its propaganda organ Amaq, according to the US website specializing in the surveillance of Islamist and extremist groups Site.

The Taliban quickly made it known that they had “nothing to do” in the massacre, implicitly again designating the IS.

The Shiite minority targeted for two years

Sayed Moharram, 40, buries his son. “I was at home I heard the explosion I ran to the mosque and I discovered the body of my son among the dead. I can not accept that he will not be with me anymore, “he cries. “Afghanistan’s enemies want to spread division among us, but they only reinforce hatred against them.”

For the last two years, the Shiite minority in Afghanistan and its mosques have been regularly targeted by attacks that are generally claimed or attributed to Sunni extremists of ISIS.

But this is the first time that a Shia mosque is targeted in the volatile province of Paktia, bordering the tribal areas of Pakistan and yet theater of many attacks. “We had asked the government to take action and protect the mosques and Shiite gatherings, to deploy the army. But they did not do their job, “says Haji Sultan, 70, on the sidelines of the funeral.

IS, in retreat from the army and the Taliban on the military front in the north and east, its main strongholds, is currently multiplying blind attacks.

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