Egypt Mike Pompeo meets President Sissi

Egypt: Mike Pompeo meets President Sisi


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi in Cairo on Thursday morning as part of his tour of the Middle East and Gulf, an AFP journalist said.

The two men appeared together in front of the press at the presidential palace, but did not express themselves on this occasion.

Pompeo arrived in Cairo Wednesday night from Iraq, where he made a surprise visit to reassure local officials about Washington’s support and the fate of Kurdish militias following the announcement of the US withdrawal from Syria.

The head of the American diplomacy will attempt Thursday, in a speech at the American University in Cairo, outline a coherent strategy for the Middle East at a time when the decisions of Donald Trump destabilize some regional allies or suggest a disengagement of the States -United.

Egypt is Washington’s main partners. Cairo has benefited since 1980 from $ 40 billion in military aid and $ 30 billion in economic aid, according to the State Department.

After being questioned under the administration of President Barack Obama, annual military aid is currently US $ 1.3 billion per year.

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