Midterms in the United States Donald Trump is facing the polls

Midterms in the United States: Donald Trump is facing the polls


The US president Donald Trump has multiplied in recent days interventions for the mid-term elections, which on Tuesday could tip the House of Representatives in the Democratic Party.

At the pace of a rally a day in the last two weeks in the most strategic states for Republicans, Donald Trump has spared no effort in this campaign for the total renewal of the House of Representatives, a third of the Senate, a good half of state governorships and thousands of local seats.

Like any American president who arrived halfway through the term, he knows he is playing big in this competition, which he himself called a “referendum” on his person. As usual, the 45th President of the United States has not done in the lace. He quickly found the chord on which to grant his campaign: immigration.

The “caravan” of Honduran migrants from Mexico to the US border provided him with a dream storytelling. And allowed to announce, the martial air, sending 15,000 soldiers to secure the border. Denouncing the “criminals” from the South, Trump did everything to excite the Americans’ fear. Not to mention hitting on his opponents: “The Democrats’ immigration program is to bring in drug trafficking, human trafficking, and criminal cartels,” he said Saturday in Pensacola, Florida. And too bad if the figures on the actual flows of illegal immigrants invalidate his cries of alarm.

Meetings packed
With some success since the debate on weapons has been almost completely overshadowed despite the massacre of the Pittsburgh synagogue and the usual killings like the one that took place Saturday night in a yoga room in Tallahassee (Florida) that killed two people, plus the shooter.

Without advancing on the outcome of the elections – the 2016 vintage during which the pollsters were mistaken strongly urges caution – it is already certain that Trump has succeeded on one point: the mobilization of his camp. Organized in large enclosures, his meetings were packed to his supporters. Mostly white Americans from the middle and upper classes.

Persuaded that thanks to him America is “great again”, nearly 90% of those who voted for Trump in 2016 (about 35% of the electorate) are blocking behind him after his first two years of mandate. A performance never seen for forty years, which is also explained by the good economic health of the country whose current tenant of the White House takes credit for the length of speeches.

“If Trump managed to keep the House of Representatives, it would be a real victory because very few of his predecessors have succeeded, it would be the highway to a second term,” said a foreign observer living in Washington. And to add with a smile: “And even if it is not the case, he will say that he still won! ”

Unless a hypothetical blue wave (the color of the Democratic Party), progressive liberals Americans already know that the next presidential in 2020 is not promised on a silver platter.

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