Sheikh Hasina has been trying to snatching Bangladesh again like as 5 January of 2014.

Sheikh Hasina has been trying to snatching Bangladesh again like as 5 January of 2014.


Attention please Democratic world: Present Scenario of Bangladesh & its so called next national election. A brutal political scenario in Bangladesh ( Upcoming National election under Dictator Sheikh Hasina).

No democracy, no lavel playing field, no justice, no free fair voting rights of citizens in Bangladesh. All ministries and power are active only for rulling party regarding next so called national election. Next national election is just a Sheikh Hasina’s directed & dicteted Drama, nothing else.. Still now, police including all types of law enforcers are getting mass arrests million of main opposition party BNP’s leaders, Activists, Supporters, stake holders. Million of BNP Activists including Candidates & main stream leaders are falsely prisoners. Million of activists are absconding due to ruling government’s brutality. Govt. backed killing, kidnaping, judicial killing etc. Is the only scenerio of Bangladesh since last 5 years. Even at the near of national election. Prime Minister has been violating constitution frequently. Now in Bangladesh ; under ruling Prime Minister parralaly two constitutions are working. How is it possible??? Is it directly violation of constitution. Sheikh Hasina has been trying to snatching the power again like 5 January of 2014. Mr. Alamgir Noor Information & Research affairs Secretary to BNP ( main opposition party of Bangladesh) Greater Chittagong City Committee.

We wish draw world’s Democratic leaders regarding this burning issues of Bangladesh trough your prominent news broadcasting. We demand free, fair, participatory & panic free forthcoming National election in Bangladesh. We want to survive from ruling Dictator’s brutality. We demand unconditional release of former prime Minister & main opposition leader Begum khaleda zia from false cases & political intentional judgment. who is now prisoned due to only ruling dictator Sheikh Hasina’s bad political intention. So, dear editor, I arge you to for draw attention of world’s Democratic leaders focussing on this burning issue on behalf of 18 crore citizens of Bangladesh.

Millions BNP activists, Leaders, including election candidates are absconding . This is the main scenario of present Bangladesh.


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