Trump and politicians pay tribute to Bush

Trump and senior us politicians pay tribute to Bush


Donald Trump and senior US politicians on Monday paid tribute to former President George H. W. Bush, whose casket was transported to the Capitol before a state funeral scheduled for Wednesday in Washington.

The Bush family, members of the administration of the former head of the White House, parliamentarians or the president of the Supreme Court took part Monday in a ceremony held in the Capitol Rotunda in tribute to the 41st American president, deceased Friday at the age of 94 at his home in Houston.

In the evening, after the departure of the Bush family and dignitaries, the current President Donald Trump, accompanied by his wife Melania, came to pay respect to George H. W. Bush.

The presidential couple stood for two minutes in front of the coffin, with Donald Trump bowing to George H.W. Bush in a gesture that ignored the enmity between Trump and the Bush family.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, George H. W. Bush did not publicly support the candidacy of Donald Trump, who attacked the sons of Bush, Jeb and George W. during the campaign. According to a source quoted by CNN, George H. W. Bush voted for Hillary Clinton.

Speaking at the Capitol Rotunda ceremony, Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell described George H. W. Bush as a “humble servant” and a “principled leader.”

Democrat Nancy Pelosi, a figurehead in US politics for the last 20 years and expected to return in January as Speaker of the House of Representatives, told Reuters after the ceremony that Bush was “a charming man, who was loved, with which was an honor to work “.

McConnell and Pelosi have laid a wreath of flowers around the coffin, a symbol of bipartisan courtesy very rare in current American politics.

At the end of the ceremony, the Capitol Rotunda was opened to the public to allow those who wished to pay homage to the former president. A long queue formed on the Capitol during the afternoon.

George H.W. Bush’s coffin will be rotund until Wednesday, when the state funeral will be held at Washington’s National Cathedral.

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