Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico

Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico


Donald Trump has threatened Friday to close the US-Mexico border if Congress does not agree to release the sum of five billion dollars (4.4 billion euros) for the construction of an anti-immigration wall along this border.

While this question is at the origin of the partial “shutdown” (paralysis of the services of the State), the president produced Friday with the White House tweets touching on the question of the migratory phenomenon on the southern border.

“We will be forced to close the southern border completely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and do not change the ridiculous laws on immigration to which our country is bound,” he wrote.

“Either we finish building the wall, or we close the border,” he added.

The president also reiterated his threats to cut all US aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, which he says are not doing enough to prevent the influx of migrants to the United States.

Democrats are not in the majority in the Senate but it is necessary in this room the agreement of 60 of the 100 elected for a financing law to be adopted. In the House of Representatives, where will begin January 3 a new legislative session, Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi will be in the majority in the wake of mid-term elections held in early November.

“Nancy Pelosi is only trying to protect her presidency (of the House of Representatives), not to protect our borders, and that’s why she is not determined to negotiate with us, nor is she determined to conclude any kind of ‘agree or help do what is needed,’ said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on CBS.

A spokesman for Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Thursday that Republicans and Democrats were still sharply diverging in their talks to overcome the partial shutdown, which began last Saturday. Democrats have proposed to vote for $ 1.3 billion for border security in general, but they continue to oppose the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

Asked about the threats to close the border, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador told reporters that this was a domestic issue in the US.

“We pay great attention to relations with the US government,” he said. “Of course, we will always defend our sovereignty (…) We will always protect migrants, defend their rights”.

According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll released Thursday, 47% of Americans hold Donald Trump responsible for the partial shutdown of the US administration, against 33% who blame the elected congressional Democrats.

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