two out of three French people says Emmanuel Macron can not change Europe

Two out of three French people says Emmanuel Macron can not change Europe


According to a new Elabe poll, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will still have to convince French citizens about Europe and as part of the decisive election campaign next May.

The French are still very divided on the European question. According to a new Elabe barometer for : Les Echos, Radio Classique and Institut Montaigne.

The capacity of Emmanuel Macron to move the lines on the European level is judged in a very limited way by the people questioned.

76% of French respondents say they do not know their European project. The President of the Republic however multiplies the speeches, details his vision of Europe and the points of his program for the European elections since his election.

Nearly two in three French people (64%) consider that it will not be able to “significantly change the functioning and political orientation of the European Union”. This figure has increased by three points since May 2018. Only voters Emmanuel Macron believe it can change the situation on a European scale.

According to this barometer, 24% of respondents believe that Europe has more advantages than disadvantages. This figure is down by 7 points compared to March 2017. 38% consider that Europe has more disadvantages than benefits.

The feeling of distrust is growing in all categories of the population. Young people are the only ones who are more optimistic than their elders. The voters of Marine Le Pen are the most critical of Europe.
The demobilization and abstention of Emmanuel Macron’s deeply European electorate will be one of the keys to the European elections of May 2019.

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