Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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Impeachment These US Diplomats SMS Could Cost Trump

Impeachment: These US Diplomats SMS Could Cost Trump

Published messages show the insistence with which Washington tried to convince the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden’s son. For two weeks, Donald Trump has repeated that there was “no pressure or quid pro quo,” and that his conversation with the Ukrainian president was “perfect”. But text messages from US diplomats in Ukraine made public […]

Wars news

Saudi drone attacks: Macron, Merkel and Johnson accuse Iran

Saudi drone attacks: Macron, Merkel and Johnson accuse Iran

French, German and British leaders Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson on Monday accused Iran of being “responsible” for the September 14 drone attack in Saudi Arabia against oil installations and urged it to “refrain from further provocation”. “It is clear to us that Iran bears the responsibility for this attack. There is no […]

L'Iran demande aux États-Unis de rester éloignés du Golfe

Iran asked the US to “stay away” from the Gulf.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani spoke of a “historic” moment during a military parade in Tehran while his country is being accused by Washington and Ryad. Iran denounced on Sunday, September 22, the presence of “foreign forces” in the Gulf and announced the presentation to the UN this week of a plan of regional cooperation, “endogenous”, […]

Military news

Putin promises symmetrical response to US missile test

Putin promises “symmetrical response” to US missile test

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday pledged a “symmetrical response” to the US’s recent trial of an intermediate-range missile, it’s first since the Cold War, which fears a new arms race. “I order the Russian Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs (…) to analyze the level of threat created for our country by the actions […]

An air defense system made in Iran

An air defense system made in Iran

This is the latest military innovation exhibited by the Iranian media. On this “National Day of the Defense Industry”, Tehran unveiled its new air defense system made in Iran. In the presence of President Hassan Rohani, the army presented the Bavar-373, a long-range surface-to-air missile system. They would reach their target more than 200 kilometers […]

Israel unveils the characteristics of its tank of the future

Israel unveils the characteristics of its “tank of the future”

Elyakim military base (Israel)  – Israel unveiled on Sunday the details of its “fighting vehicle of the future”, a tank requiring half as many soldiers at the controls, with a 360-degree vision and which could be in part guided by a video game console. The Ministry of Defense presented the main features of this project […]

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