A US boss resigns after an affair with a Russian spy

A US boss resigns after an affair with the Russian spy Maria Butina


Maria Butina, her mistress, was sentenced at the end of April to 18 months in prison for having infiltrated the American political apparatus through her links with the powerful NRA arms lobby.

His affair with a Russian spy who had seduced the pro-arms lobby of the lobby to infiltrate American politics was too vague. Patrick Byrne, the boss of the Overstock.com online trading site, had no choice but to resign on Wednesday.

His mistress, Maria Butina, hit the headlines and was sentenced in late April to 18 months in prison by a Washington court for infiltrating the American political apparatus through its links with the powerful NRA gun lobby. Charged with “conspiracy” to “promote the interests of Russia”, Maria Butina was arrested on July 2018.

“The State of the Shadow”

Nothing had filtered from the link to two articles by a Fox News reporter and a statement, published by Overstock on August 12, with unusual headlines and content: “The CEO’s comments on the state of the shadow”.

In this release, Patrick Byrne claims to have actively collaborated with law enforcement once he realized that there was an eel under the rock. Curiously, he nicknamed them “Men in Black”, or M.I.B., as the special agents charged to watch the extraterrestrials populating the Earth in the hit movies with Will Smith.

The very expression “State of the Shadow” (Deep State) denotes Patrick Byrne’s taste for a conspiracy theory that a clandestine coalition of bureaucrats would control the country. He also said that his interaction with the authorities had less to do with “justice than with political espionage against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump”.

An informed soldier and elected representative

In an interview with The New York Times, Patrick Byrne said he met the flamboyant young spy at a Libertarian convention in Las Vegas and his insistence on meeting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s presidential campaigners. he finally put the flea in his ear.

“In July 2018, I understood,” says the boss in the release of August 12. He says he immediately informed a senior military and an elected official, then the Justice Ministry in April. The action of Overstock.com took 8.31% Thursday after the announcement of the resignation.

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