According to Moscow, Israeli missiles in Syria have threatened two civil flights

Moscow: Israeli missiles in Syria have threatened two civil flights


Israeli missiles fire against Syria on Tuesday directly threatened two civilian planes, the Russian Defense Ministry quoted Interfax news agency as saying on Wednesday.

The ministry, which did not say which flights had been threatened, said the Syrian air defense had destroyed 14 of the 16 Israeli missiles launched against unspecified targets near Damascus.

Three Syrian soldiers were wounded during the strikes, the Syrian media reported.

The Israeli army made no comment, neither on reported missile strikes nor on Russian allegations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, attending a graduation ceremony for new pilots from the Air Force, made no direct reference to this information.

But he reaffirmed Israel’s will to prevent any “Iranian military anchorage in Syria” which, he said, is a threat to the Jewish state.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), the missiles partly intercepted over Damascus targeted rural areas west and southwest of the Syrian capital. “A number of missiles have hit Hezbollah (or Tehran-backed) weapons depots or Iranian forces,” said the OSDH.

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