After Dorian, Donald Trump fears the arrival Bahamian traffickers .

After Dorian, Donald Trump fears the arrival Bahamian traffickers .


Donald Trump’s comments follow the arrive of many Bahamians who tried to reach the United States while the Bahamas are in the middle of a humanitarian crisis.

This might explain that. Donald Trump said Monday, September 9, that the United States should “pay attention” to people from the Bahamas they welcome on their territory after the devastating passage of Hurricane Dorian, warning against “very bad traffickers” .

“We must be very careful” to the people admitted to US territory, Donald Trump told reporters from the White House.

“Everyone should have the right papers (…) The Bahamas have a lot of problems with people who (…) are not supposed to be there. I do not want to allow these people who were not supposed to be in the Bahamas to come to the United States, including very bad people, gang members, and very nasty traffickers, “he said.

The remarks of the US president include following the arrival this weekend in Florida of a ferry with onboard nearly 1,500 survivors of the Bahamas.

Several hundred people were unable to enter the United States, however, for lack of a visa. This did not fail to surprise an American journalist, whereas normally the Bahamians only need their passport and a copy of their criminal record to enter the United States. “The Bahamians who have to stay are in shock. Nobody understands why the rules changed at the last minute. Parents with their children are now stuck on the island, “says a reporter on his Twitter account.

It was the shipping company that made that decision. An error, according to Mark Morgan, the director of border police. “There will be confusion, that’s what happened here,” he said from the White House earlier in the day on Monday, adding that people “whose lives are in danger” will be admitted in the United States, as long as they do not pose a threat to the country.

According to the latest interim report, Hurricane Dorian killed at least 45 people in the Bahamas after devastating the north of this Caribbean archipelago.

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