After the assault of a lesbian couple in London, five teenagers arrested

After the assault of a lesbian couple in London, five teenagers arrested


The couple were violently assaulted on a night bus for refusing to kiss each other.

The suspects are very young. Adolescents are suspected of perpetrating the violent homophobic assault of Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend Chris on the night of May 29-30 in London.

The couple was violently assaulted and robbed after refusing to kiss on a night bus. The photo of their faces and clothes in blood, shared on Facebook, sparked a cascade of indignant reactions.

Following a call for witnesses, five boys aged 15 to 18 were arrested between Friday and Saturday June 8 by the London police for theft and serious injury. The attackers stole a cell phone and a bag from the two young women.

These five people were released on bail Saturday and summoned for early July, announced in the evening the British police.

  • “Our security and our rights are in danger”

“They were at least four. They started behaving like hooligans, demanding that we kiss so they could watch us, calling us lesbians and describing sexual positions, “one of the victims said in a Facebook post that sparked the case.

The Scotland Yard commissioner described the attack as “a repugnant attack on two women who seem to have been selected and targeted by a group of young people”.

Interviewed by the BBC a few days later, the two women called for mobilization against the violence suffered by LGBT people. At the microphone of the British television, they expressed their “anger”, their “fright” but also the will not to hide and mobilize. “I’m not afraid to post my homosexuality,” insisted Chris. “But our security, our rights are in danger. I would like people to get bolder with those who have emboldened themselves with the rise of right-wing populism, which is, I think, responsible for the escalation of hate crimes. ”

British politicians have also strongly condemned the attack. “It was a sickening attack and my thoughts are with the target couple. No one should ever have to hide who he is or what he likes and we must work together to eliminate this unacceptable violence against the LGBT community, “said former Prime Minister Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Labor, the main opposition party, described the aggression as “absolutely shocking” and the mayor of London, Labor Sadiq Khan, condemned a “disgusting and misogynistic attack”.

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