After the fantastic Queen Elizabeth, Trump meets Theresa May

After the “fantastic” Queen Elizabeth, Trump meets Theresa May


An unforgettable day for President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, who are widely regarded as enjoying their official visit to the United Kingdom. At least so far …

For, behind the ostentation of the ties and diadems of the sumptuous banquet at Buckingham Palace, this visit arouses strong tensions in the United Kingdom.

Tensions that wanted to appease Queen Elizabeth II. The mayor of London and other politicians boycotted the banquet.

“I am confident that our common values ​​and common interests will continue to unite, and tonight we are celebrating an alliance that has helped to ensure the security and prosperity of our two peoples for decades and, I believe, will continue to many years.”

And Trump to wear this toast:

“On behalf of all Americans, I make a toast to the eternal friendship of our peoples, to the vitality of our nations and to the long and remarkable reign of Her Majesty the Queen.”

Yet minutes before landing in the British capital, Trump had set foot in the dish. He had drawn a tweet which he has the secret to describe the mayor of London “loser total”. Sadiq Khan had indeed explained that the United Kingdom should not roll out the red carpet for the US President … Remark which therefore displeased Trump.

Donald Trump was also able to express his opinion on British domestic politics. For him, Boris Johnson would be a good prime minister and the government should choose a tough Brexit …

His meeting with Theresa May, who is due to leave Friday, is likely to be hot. Especially since other sensitive issues should be addressed: Iran, with the willingness of the United Kingdom to defend the nuclear agreement that Donald Trump has questioned; the environment, the United States having decided, alone, to withdraw from the Paris agreement. Washington is also pressuring London to exclude Huawei from its 5G network.

After the inevitable tribute to the dead of the two wars, the image of the day may be that of a balloon in the London sky of a caricature of Donald Trump in baby chubby and angry, symbol of the challenge of his first visit in July 2018.

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