Alabama a TV channel censors a gay wedding cartoon

Alabama: a TV channel censors a gay wedding cartoon


The conservative state of the southern United States has not broadcast the episode of the cartoon “Arthur” where two people of the same sex get married.
While Alabama passed last week the most restrictive US bill on abortion, the conservatives’ influence has once again manifested itself in this southern state of the United States.

A public television station refused to broadcast an episode of the cartoon “Arthur” because it staged a marriage between two characters of the same sex, reported CNN.

In this episode, Arthur and his friends attend the wedding of their teacher Mr. Ratburn with Patrick, a chocolatier. In this American-Canadian cartoon, Arthur is a long-eared mammal, like Patrick, while Ratburn is a rat.

In mid-May, instead of broadcasting this episode, Alabama Public Television (APT) preferred to replace it with another, older one.

“Although we strongly encourage parents to watch TV with their children and then talk about what they have learned, parents are confident that their children can watch APT without being supervised,” said Mike McKenzie, director of television programs, quoted by AL. com, a media covering Alabama.

  • An old controversy

“We also know that children younger than Arthur’s audience also watch the show,” he added. Contacted by AFP, APT had not reacted immediately.

This is not the first time that the issue of homosexuality in a children’s program is controversial: in September, an old controversy about “Sesame Street” had resurfaced, when one of the writers of the famous program has talked about Ernest and Bart puppets as a “loving couple”.

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