Algeria accuses Arab countries of infiltrating terrorists to destabilize the Maghreb.

Algeria accuses Arab countries of infiltrating terrorists to destabilize the Maghreb.


Algiers has decided to drive back all Arab migrants, especially Syrians, coming to its southern borders. From a security source, they would be “terrorists” from Syria and Yemen sent by Arab states to destabilize Algeria and the whole Maghreb.

“The government’s decision to deny access to Algeria to Arab migrants arriving through Niger and Mali is irrevocable,” Algerian online news agency TSA Arabi Hacène Kacimi, director of migration at the ministry, told IRIN. inside.

Recalling that his country had so far hosted more than 50,000 Syrians for humanitarian reasons, the official revealed that Algeria is now facing a new phenomenon. The infiltration of Arab migrants from Syria, Yemen and Palestine “through channels controlled by armed groups”.

Terrorists threaten the stability of Algeria

“when some of these migrants become a threat to national stability and a threat to security, then Algeria must move,” he added.

According to him, these Arab migrants cross several countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Sudan and Mauritania to Niger and Mali without asking for political asylum, “while a person threatened asks for asylum in the first place. country where it happens, “he said.

Saying that she does not want to make accusations a priori, Hacène Kacimi explained that her country was entitled to question whether they were really migrants or “terrorists entering Algeria under humanitarian cover”. . For him, “there are surely hidden parts that finance such terrorist nias”.

Corroborating these remarks, TSA Arabi also reports, from a security source, that “the Algerian army is facing a new challenge, that of the infiltration of terrorists aged 20 to 30, most of Syrian nationals as well as some Yemeni elements “.

Sudanese counterfeiters, “these infiltrators come from the city of Aleppo, Syria, and they are pushed by Arab capitals that encourage them to deploy in Algeria in order to destabilize,” said this source, pointing out that these Syrian terrorists had been passing through Niger since this country became a corridor for illegal migrants.

TSA Arabi said: << “The choice of Algeria is not a coincidence and it is part of the revival of a plan destabilization of the three countries of the Maghreb, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.”>> .

In support of this thesis, TSA Arabi recalls the arrest a fortnight ago of a ship loaded with Turkish ammunition, 45 million bales to be precise, off Libya.

A “colossal” figure, according to the source of TSA, compared to a population of four million Libyans. “We can conclude that this huge quantity of weapons was not intended for Libya but to arm fighters from Syria and other regions,” she said.

LADDH denies information and confirms evictions

Criticized by Hacène Kacimi for setting fire to the powders by denouncing the expulsion to Niger of fifty Syrian and Palestinian migrants, the Algerian League of Human Rights (LADDH) categorically denied having provided reports to NGOs and regional or international bodies on the issue.

In its denial, however, LADDH confirms that 53 Palestinians, 47 Syrians and 17 Yemenis were expelled in December 2018 from the In Guezzam border post, south of Tamanrasset.

“There was a repatriation operation from Tamanrasset to Niger in close coordination with the Niger authorities and in agreement with the Algiers office of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),” LADDH said in its statement.

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