Algeria: appeal for the liberation of Louisa Hanoune

Algeria: appeal for the liberation of Louisa Hanoune


The temporary detention on May 9th of Louisa Hanoune provokes strong reactions abroad, especially in France.

An “arbitrary arrest that gives rise to legitimate emotion”. It is with these words that a thousand French personalities, political and union activists, human rights defenders, academics, have signed an appeal calling for the “immediate release” of the leader of a small opposition party Algerian, Louisa Hanoune, charged with “conspiracy” in her country, according to a statement. This call was signed in particular by the former Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, the boss of France insubordinated Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the general secretary of the CGT Philippe Martinez and the honorary president of the League of the rights of the man, master Henri Leclerc.

“Louisa Hanoune has been known everywhere for years for her stance and her uncompromising fight in defense of democracy, freedom, women’s rights and always on the side of the people and the oppressed. Whether one agrees with his political position or not, nothing can justify his detention. WE DEMAND ITS IMMEDIATE RELEASE, “they write.

  • “The game of the system”?

The military court on May 9 placed Ms. Hanoune, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party (PT, Trotskyist) in pre-trial detention, after accusing her of conspiracy against the army and the state, in a case against Said Bouteflika and former secret service bosses, General Mohamed “Toufik” Mediene and Athmane “Bachir” Tartag, charged with the same counts.

A younger brother of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Saïd Bouteflika is accused of having strengthened his powers for several years as his brother’s health deteriorated, of which he was the “special adviser”, at the ‘appear as a’ president bis’. The defense of Ms. Hanoune admitted that she had attended a meeting with Said Bouteflika and “Toufik” on March 27, the day after a statement by the Chief of Staff of the army publicly requesting the departure of the power of the head of state.

A member since 1997, Ms. Hanoune has been a candidate for the last three Algerian presidential elections, won in the first round with more than 80% of the vote by Bouteflika. Its detractors – including a large part of the current protest movement – accuse Ms. Hanoune of having played for 20 years the “system”, including by sparing criticism against Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

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