Algeria: Five billionaires including relatives of Bouteflika arrested

Algeria: Five billionaires including relatives of Bouteflika arrested


Five Algerian billionaires, including relatives of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, were arrested in Algeria in an anti-corruption investigation, local television reported on Monday.

These five suspects are Issad Rebrab, considered the richest man in Algeria, and four brothers of the Kouninef family with ties to Bouteflika, adds the television.

Issad Rebrab heads Cevital, which imports raw sugar from Brazil and exports refined sugar to Tunisia, Libya and other countries in the Middle East.

The arrest of the five men echoes the words of the army chief of staff, Gen. Gaïd Salah, who said last week that he expects members of the ruling elite to be tried for corruption.

State television had reported on Saturday that a court had summoned former prime minister Ahmed Ouyahia and current finance minister Mohamed Loukal, both close to Bouteflika.

Algerians who have massively demonstrated since 22 February have remained mobilized since the resignation of Bouteflika three weeks ago to demand the sidelining of the entire ruling class.

Hundreds of thousands still marched Friday in the streets of Algiers to demand the resignation of Abdelkader Bensalah, appointed President of the Republic ad interim for 90 days until the holding of a presidential election on July 4.

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