Algeria the presidential elections will take place on April 18th

Algeria: the presidential elections will take place on April 18th


The next presidential election in Algeria will take place on April 18, announced Friday the presidency of the Republic, quoted by the state press agency Algeria Press Services (APS).

The mandate of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who has headed Algeria since 1999, expires on April 28. His side has been calling him for several months to run for a fifth term, but Bouteflika, 81, has not yet announced his intentions.

The “President of the Republic has taken this day (Friday), a presidential decree convening the electorate for the presidential election to be held on Thursday, April 18, 2019,” said the statement of the presidency, quoted by the APS.

According to the law, prospective candidates now have 45 days from the publication of the decree, ie until March 4, to file their case with the Constitutional Council.

The uncertainty surrounding a new candidacy of the head of state, reduced by the aftermath of a stroke of which he was a victim in 2013, monopolized in recent months the political debate in Algeria.

No major candidate has yet announced his intention to run.

For the previous presidential election in 2014, Mr. Bouteflika had submitted his candidacy in the last days before the expiry of the deadline.

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