An Iranian drone flies over an American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

An Iranian drone flies over an American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.


A Revolutionary Guards drone, the Iranian ideological army, flew over an American aircraft carrier crossing into the Persian Gulf, the Iranian news agency Tasnim reported on Sunday (April 27th). This one publishes an undated video in which appears a light blue drone with the inscription “Ababil III” in Persian and Latin letters. The images, accompanied by music evoking an action film, were shot by the naval force of the Revolutionary Guards, Tasnim writes.

The Guardians of the Revolution, the Iranian ideological army, were placed in early April on the list of terrorist organizations in Washington.

The aircraft takes off from a desert track by the sea, then the video shows an aerial view of two warships cruising at sea and appearing to belong to the escort of an aircraft carrier which then approaches the camera. On the turret of this building is registered the number 69 in giant numbers. The video then gives, in the form of information embedded in the image, details of the numbers of several aircraft on the deck, some of which are visible to the naked eye, including those of two American Hawkeye AWACS surveillance aircraft and some F18 fighter planes.

The Guardians of the Revolution on the list of terrorist organizations in the United States

The United States announced on April 8 the placement of Revolutionary Guards on their “list of foreign terrorist organizations”. In response, the Supreme Council of Iranian National Security announced the same day that it now considers US forces deployed in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa and Central Asia as “terrorist groups”.

Iran sees itself as the guardian of the Gulf and regularly denounces the US military presence in this arm of the sea. On Wednesday, New York (USA), the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Javad Zarif, warned the States United they would face “consequences” if they took “mad measure” to prohibit Iran access to the Strait of Hormuz, which closes the Gulf and through which pass a third oil transiting by sea.

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