In Argentina, the Peronism won the presidential election in the first round.

Argentina: Peronist Alberto Fernandez elected in the first round


In Argentina: Alberto Fernandez and his vice-presidential candidate, former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, defeated Mauricio Macri, weighed down by his economic record.

“We will build the egalitarian and solidarity Argentina we dreamed of! In his HQ filled with militants galvanized by the victory of their camp, Alberto Fernandez, 60, struggles to contain his emotion. The opposition candidate won on Sunday, October 27, winning the presidential election in the first round. On 97% of the ballots counted Sunday evening, Alberto Fernandez and his candidate for the vice-presidency, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (president from 2007 to 2015) gather 48% of the votes. A sufficient score to do without second round, since in Argentina it is enough that a candidate obtains 45% of the votes to be elected.

Mauricio Macri, the center-right president who was seeking a second term, won 40.5% of the vote. Despite a smaller gap than what Fernandez’s camp had hoped for, tens of thousands of people were jubilant and chanted “We’re coming back! Sunday, near the headquarters of the Peronist candidate. “I have lost a lot of buying power in recent years. I voted for Alberto Fernandez because I want things to change, “says retired 73-year-old Antonieta Cavalieri.

  • The economic and social crisis.

“What explains this victory is first of all the very bad economic record of the Macri government,” said Miguel de Luca, professor of political science at the University of Buenos Aires. Mauricio Macri, who promised to reduce poverty and inflation when he took office in 2015, has largely failed. The country has been going through a serious economic and social crisis for more than a year: 35% of Argentines live below the poverty line, the unemployment rate is at its highest level since 2006, and inflation is exploding.

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