At the UN, Netanyahu reiterates his accusations against Iran

At the UN, Netanyahu reiterates his accusations against Iran


In his address to the UN General Assembly, the Israeli Prime Minister once again accused Tehran of continuing his nuclear program, while demonstrating the effectiveness of the Mossad. At the UN, Netanyahu reiterates his accusations against Iran
Iranian filing cabinets, volume II. Thursday, before the General Assembly of the UN, the Israeli Prime Minister indulged in his favorite exercise: the anti-Iranian presentation, delivered with the confidence and theatricality of a guru of Silicon Valley. As he had done at the end of April, by unveiling world archives stolen by the Mossad in Tehran shortly before US President Donald Trump torpedoed the Iranian nuclear deal, Netanyahu sought to demonstrate air and GPS coordinates in support, the existence of a new “secret atomic storage site” in the heart of the Iranian capital.

Thus, Iran would continue to “lie,” as it has been hammering it for years. And the head of the Hebrew State to deliver his new punchline: “What Iran hides, Israel will find.” As usual, the Israeli leader sought to mount the Iranian people against “tyrants of Tehran”, even urging them to buy Geiger counters on Amazon to verify his claims … “No show will ever hide the fact that Israel is the only regime in our region with a” secret “and” undeclared “nuclear weapons program,” was content to answer the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Hezbollah directly threatened
Speaking specifically to Europeans, guilty in his eyes of blindness to Tehran, Netanyahu played on a chord: “As a son of historian, as a Jew, as a citizen of the world who lived in the twentieth century, I ask: have European leaders learned nothing from history? ”

A fierce critic of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Israeli leader has challenged his director “to inspect the site immediately before the Iranians empty it” of “300 tons of nuclear-related materials” that it would contain. However, on condition of anonymity, a senior US official quoted by Reuters as saying Netanyahu’s accusations of “deceptive”, adding that the United States had knowledge of the site, which he said would be filled with “documents and ‘archives’, and not of materials.

Unusually, Netanyahu also directly threatened Hezbollah in its Lebanese stronghold, exposing a “missile conversion site” near Beirut airport. If Israel does not hesitate to bomb such infrastructure in Syria in an air campaign recently blurred its relations with Russia, the Jewish state avoids such interventions in Lebanon, for fear of a new conflict.

Iranian bogeyman
In Israel, Netanyahu’s show of strength was met with reserve. The first is its increasingly ostentatious use of classified secret-defense material for propaganda purposes, which makes the Mossad cringe with former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. But it is above all the confidence, even the hubris, of Netanyahu that worries. While the Prime Minister is supported unreservedly by Donald Trump (whom he applauded for a long time), Israeli commentators fear he will be locked in an increasingly radical line against Iran that could lead to a direct confrontation.

Finally, the Israeli left is sad to see the Prime Minister use the Iranian bogeyman to sweep once again the Palestinian question under the rug. Impression of impasse reinforced by the speech without breath of a Mahmoud Abbas shot, a few hours before the same platform, to which Netanyahu did not even react. Yet, without even thinking of a peace agreement that has never appeared so distant, there is urgency: high-ranking Israeli and UN envoys fear a new imminent war in Gaza, after the failure of a truce negotiated in late August.

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