Australia A dead man in a terrorist attack in Melbourne

Australia : A dead man in a terrorist attack in Melbourne


A man blew up a car and stabbed three people, killing one of them in the streets of Melbourne on Friday. The assailant was shot dead by police, who treat the event as a terrorist attack.

The attacker, who is of Somali nationality, drove his car loaded with gas cylinders to Bourke Street, a major shopping street in the southern city, the Australian police said.

His car exploded and the man stabbed several passersby. When the police arrived, warned of a fire, the latter went to two agents and tried to attack them with his knife. Reached a bullet, he collapsed while holding his chest.

“The person was not carrying ID, but we think we can confirm his identity.For operational reasons, the anti-terrorist bureau and the criminal brigade are both responsible for this case.An investigation is conducted by the anti-terrorist police” said Graham Ashton, Victoria’s chief of police at a news conference.

“That’s where I started running”

“I saw a very tall black man who was near the car, but also someone approaching the car, I think he wanted to check that everyone was fine. at that moment the man stabbed him, and there I started running, “said Tony Nguyen, witness of the events.

“We could not really see what was going on until we saw a man cross the tracks of the tramway and the police run after him, then we heard a gunshot, it was terrifying. saw the car on fire and the police told us not to approach, “says Ella Campbell, who attended the scene.

The two wounded are treated at the hospital. Police say they have not detected any direct threat, but the security staff would be revised up this weekend in Australia, including the commemoration of 11 November.

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