Benyamin Netanyahu accuses Iran of developing and destroying a nuclear site

Benyamin Netanyahu accuses Iran of developing and destroying a nuclear site


According to the Iranian diplomacy head, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Israeli Prime Minister “cries like a wolf” and “seeks war”.

Powerpoint cards and presentations in support. In a statement to the press in Jerusalem on Monday (September 9th), Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu accused Iran of building and then destroying a site for the production of nuclear weapons, which was up to the unknown present.

“Today, we reveal that Iran has another secret nuclear site,” said the head of the government theatrically. Israel has for many years accused Iran of seeking to manufacture nuclear weapons despite Tehran’s repeated denials.

“Conclusive evidence”

In 2018, Benyamin Netanyahu had already said that Israel had “conclusive evidence” of a secret plan that Iran could activate at any time to build the atomic bomb. He then said to rely on “exact copies” of tens of thousands of original Iranian documents.

On Monday, the Israeli prime minister claimed that these same Iranian “archives” had revealed the identity of another strategic site, south of Isfahan, a city in central Iran. “On this site, Iran conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons (…) but when it realized that we had discovered this site, here is what they did: they destroyed it, they simply scratched it off the map, “added the leader.

Iran’s top diplomat, Mohammad Javad Zarif, reacted on Twitter: “Whoever has real nuclear weapons is shouting at the wolf about a supposed ‘destroyed’ site in Iran.” He accuses Benyamin Netanyahu of “seeking the war”.

  • Electoral propaganda for his rivals

The Prime Minister is currently in the final sprint of his campaign for the elections of 17 September. On Monday, his rivals accused him of using Iran’s sensitive nuclear issue for partisan purposes. Benyamin Netanyahu is a fierce opponent of the Iranian nuclear deal, from which the American administration of Donald Trump, a close ally of the Israeli leader, withdrew.

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