Biden will announce his candidacy for the White House next week

Joe Biden will announce his candidacy for the White House next week


Dominating polls on the Democratic side despite the controversy over his gestures of affection deemed too marked, former Vice President Joe Biden will finally start the race for the White House next week, announced Friday several media.

Rather centrist, the former number two of Barack Obama will announce his candidacy in a video Wednesday, according to the website The Atlantic. His team is still debating “the exact timing of his announcement” that will take place next week, says the channel NBC news.

Joe Biden had joined striking supermarket employees in Massachusetts on Thursday night, where he gave a campaign-style speech in the rain.

“Wall Street bankers and CEOs did not build the United States – you built the United States (…) Ordinary people of the middle class built this country,” he said. he declared.

“Throw yourself Joe,” some protesters had written on placards.

Even before being officially in the running, he dominates the polls among the nearly twenty contenders for the Democratic nomination, with 30% of the votes according to the average established by the site RealClearPolitics, against 22.5% for the independent senator Bernie Sanders, far ahead of the other candidates.

But his age – at 76 years old today, he would be the oldest president of the United States on his arrival at the White House – and his touch side threaten his candidacy.

Several women have recently accused him of having deeply embarrassed with his famous marks of affection: kiss on the head, hands on the shoulders, the former senator is known for his demonstrative gestures.

After the controversy, he promised to “be more attentive”. Without apologizing.

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Moderate Democrat Joe Biden, however, remains very popular, especially with two groups of voters who could be key in the November 2020 presidential election: white workers, who voted in part for Donald Trump in 2016, and blacks.

The announcement video of his candidacy will also show images of his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, a state of the industrial belt (“Rust Belt”) that has tipped in favor of Donald Trump after long years of victories Democrats.

Joe Biden could then organize a campaign launch meeting in Philadelphia, still in Pennsylvania, or in Charlottesville, Virginia, scene of neo-Nazi protests in August 2017.

Donald Trump was then criticized for stating that there were good people “on both sides”, while an anti-racist protester had been killed by a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

Joe Biden would rely on the progressive Bernie Sanders to siphon a good part of the leftist voices, according to The Atlantic, leaving him, among the 18 other candidates, with a comfortable centrist way to win the Democratic nomination.

But several candidates from the famous old industrial basins of the “Midwest” could encroach on his field, including the young phenomenon of the beginning of campaign Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend in Indiana.

The latter has also made a spectacular jump, from 2% in early March to 17% of the voting intentions of Democratic voters, according to a survey of Change Research, published Thursday and conducted online with 2,518 people. He is third, with Bernie Sanders (20%) and Joe Biden (21%)

Pete Buttigieg recorded 6% of Democratic voting intentions between March 21st and April 14th, according to RealClearPolitics, which compiles polls deemed the most reliable.

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