Bolsonaro at the UN the Amazon does not belong to the heritage of humanity

Bolsonaro at the UN: the Amazon does not belong to the heritage of humanity


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro accused some countries of behaving in a “colonial” way with Brazil.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Tuesday that it was “wrong” to say that the Amazon was a part of the heritage of humanity, and accused some countries of behaving “colonial” way to Brazil.

“Instead of helping us,” some countries, on the basis of “media lies,” “behave in a disrespectful and colonial way, attacking our sovereignty,” the Brazilian president said from the UN platform, without citing of countries in particular. He described as an “absurd proposal” the proposal of French President Emmanuel Macron to create an “international status” to protect the Amazon.

Voluntary fires

“The Amazon is not destroyed by the flames today, as the media would like to believe,” said the Brazilian president, notorious climate-skeptic. “Do not hesitate to come to Brazil, it’s a country very different from what you see on TV and in the newspapers,” he told the UN General Assembly.

Between early January and 19 September, despite a slight decrease in fires since the beginning of this month, Brazil recorded a 56% increase over the same period last year in the number of wildfires, of which nearly half (47%) affect the Amazon.

These fires, mostly voluntary, are intended to make room for cattle breeding and crops and accompany galloping deforestation: in the Amazon, it has almost doubled since the arrival in power of Jair Bolsonaro in January, at the rhythm of 110 football fields per hour.

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