Brazil Bolsonaro confirms future pension reform

Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro confirms future pension reform


New Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed on Thursday his intention to implement a pension reform, emphasizing in a TV interview that “everyone should give a little” for the project to work.

The goal is to raise the statutory age of retirement to 62 for men and 57 for women, he added in an interview to SBT TV on Thursday, saying it is would probably support the reform project inherited from the previous administration and currently under debate in Congress.

The leader of the Brazilian far right also promised not to reinstate tax on financial movements and announced that he wanted to boost labor law reforms. The Brazilian labor code is too heavy, he said, and offers “excessive protection” to employees.

Earlier in the day, Bolsonaro’s adviser and secretary general of the new government, Onyx Lorenzoni, promised an ambitious pension reform project.

On issues related to insecurity, Jair Bolsonaro said he was still working on a decree that would facilitate the purchase of firearms.


In terms of diplomacy, the new president said it was possible for him to discuss with the United States the establishment of a US military base on Brazilian territory. “Depending on what is going on in the world, maybe we will need to discuss this issue in the future,” he told SBT TV.

The former army officer said Brazil should be worried about the links between Russia and the “dictatorship” in Venezuela, which has significantly increased tensions in the region. He stressed that Brazil should aim for “supremacy” in South America.

As for the plan to move the Brazilian embassy to Israel to Jerusalem, Jair Bolsonaro stressed that it was up to the Israeli people to determine what their capital was and that such a transfer would provoke criticism from “more radical” Arab nations. but not all Arab nations.

Its national security adviser, former General Augusto Heleno, said during the day that the new president wanted, like Donald Trump, to move the Brazilian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He added, however, that logistical considerations should be taken into account.

Brazil’s powerful agricultural sector is opposed to this transfer, fearing the reaction of the Arab world, which imports billions of dollars worth of Brazilian meat every year.


Bolsonaro, who officially took office on Tuesday, convened in the day its first cabinet meeting.

In a tweet, Bolsonaro discussed the privatization of twelve airports and four Brazilian ports that is expected to attract 7 billion Brazilian real (1.6 billion euros) in initial investments. He did not give further details.

Onyx Lorenzoni, said earlier in the day that the privatization program was still under review.

The far-right president has promised to liberalize the Brazilian economy, to rid the country of “socialism”, to fight drug cartels.

On Wednesday, he transferred responsibility for lands allocated to Indigenous Peoples to the Ministry of Agriculture, a victory for agribusiness that supported him during his campaign.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, one of the biggest proponents of privatization, has announced his intention to reduce the tax burden to 20% of gross domestic product (GDP).

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