Brett Kavanaugh Trump's judge divides america

Brett Kavanaugh : Trump’s judge divides america


Washington (AFP) – On the verge of being inducted into the United States Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh shares with Donald Trump a fundamental characteristic: his personality radically divides Americans.

Except last minute reversal, the conservative magistrate of 53 years will be confirmed Saturday to the prestigious institution by a vote on the wire of the Senate.

After fiercely fighting for three weeks accusations of sexual abuse dating back to his youth in a comfortable environment, the victory of Mr. Kavanaugh will also be that of the president, who chose him and put all his weight behind his colt.

But the judge himself publicly regretted it: these allegations ruined “forever” his reputation.

In spite of the late favorable verdict of the senators, despite the lack of compromising elements in an FBI investigation too hastily sealed in the eyes of Democrats, Brett Kavanaugh can expect to have to continue a long battle of image.

This one to convince, as it wrote Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, that it is “impartial”, “dedicated to the Constitution and the public good”, or even “courteous”.

Before symbolizing the wisdom traditionally attached to the nine judges of the highest court of the United States, Mr. Kavanaugh will have to dispel the memory he left behind during a memorable day of hearing in late September, which saw the judge and her accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, each deliver their truth about an evening of the summer of 1982.

Blasey Ford says that Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her and beat her. In vehemently denying, the man supposed to be the incarnation of the law appeared on the brink of rupture, his voice choked by stifled sobs, the drop on his nose and the aggressive verb.

The only mistakes of youth that he was willing to concede are a few beers too, while he was a high school student in the affluent suburbs of Washington. He contrasted his career and seemingly irreproachable personal trajectory with a political “coup”.

“I said things that I should not have said, I hope everyone can understand that I was there as a son, husband and father,” he said this week.

He who presents an impeccable pedigree for the US right categorically rejected testimony portraying him as a follower of drinking and inappropriate behavior towards his female friends of youth.

He fought to convince him of his righteousness, unfolding his feats of arms, who saw him advising former Republican President George W. Bush. He emphasized his traditional family values, his loyalty to his wife Ashley, with whom he had two daughters.

Mr. Kavanaugh was born in Washington and has been a member of the Court of Appeal for a decade, a body renowned for the importance of the files that pass through it and therefore considered a stepping stone.

He started in the judiciary as an assistant to Judge Anthony Kennedy, who at the end of June surprised everyone by retiring from the Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh is a graduate of Yale. It is in this prestigious university that he would have exhibited his sex in front of a student, at a party watered, according to another accusation that has weakened.

– Practicing Catholic –

Later, he became known in the 1990s during two scandals of the era Bill Clinton.

He investigated the suicide of Vince Foster, Clinton’s friend and White House associate, in the Whitewater case, concerning investments in the real estate of the presidential couple.

Mr. Kavanaugh also contributed to the report of Attorney Kenneth Starr, including the extra-marital relationship Bill Clinton had with a trainee, Monica Lewinsky.

The conservative jurist also offered his help to George W. Bush during the Florida vote-counting clash in the 2000 presidential election between the Republican candidate and Democrat Al Gore.

Then, quite naturally, George W. Bush recruited him among his direct collaborators taking office in 2001 in the Oval Office.

Later, at the Washington Court of Appeal, Mr. Kavanaugh was conservative in his decisions.

He reassured the Republicans by declaring – it is true on a technical ground – opposed to the Obamacare law on universal health coverage.

In 2012, the judge was part of a panel that overturned a measure from the EPA, the federal environmental protection agency, aimed at reducing air pollution between states.

Recently, he expressed his disagreement with a decision allowing a teenager smuggled into the United States to have an abortion.

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