Brexit British Supreme Court deems illegal the suspension of Parliament by Boris Johnson.

Brexit: British Supreme Court deems “illegal” the suspension of Parliament by Boris Johnson.


The decision was criticized by critics as a maneuver to get the UK out of the European Union at any cost.

The British Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday (24 September) that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was not in his right by suspending Parliament for five weeks ahead of Brexit. The body also decided that Parliament should sit again “as soon as possible.”

Boris Johnson is accused of having suspended Parliament until 14 October, just two weeks before the date of Brexit, to muzzle the opposition and remove the United Kingdom from the European Union on 31 October, even without divorce.

  • A wave of indignation

He keeps repeating that this measure was justified to prepare and present his national political priorities after taking office at the end of July. It is not unusual for a leader in the United Kingdom to adjourn the parliamentary session for this purpose. Besides, Parliament does not traditionally sit for a few weeks in September, at the time of the annual party congresses. But this suspension, especially because of its length, had sparked a wave of indignation in the country of parliamentarism, triggering demonstrations and a judicial offensive.

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