Brexit Gibraltar residents want to stay British

Brexit: Gibraltar residents want to stay British


The British rock hanging at the tip of Spain has a little more than 30,000 inhabitants who voted against massively against the Brexit. Located in a strategic location, Gibraltar has been claimed for decades by Madrid. But the enclave is British since 1704 and its inhabitants intend to remain so.

“We are used to this sort of thing by previous governments in Spain, it’s no surprise, we knew something was going to happen at the last minute, that they would try something. happy that Theresa May seems to be supporting us all the way, “says retiree Emilio Reyes.

“We have nothing to do with Spain, they have a claim, it’s their problem, they can claim as much as they want, they should not have a say in how we leave the country. Europe, only Britain should have a say. ”

After a conversation with his British counterpart Theresa May, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez maintained on Thursday his threat to block the Brexit deal if he did not get a veto over future negotiations over the British enclave of Gibraltar.

John Charles Guy, a taxi driver, is very upbeat: “Mr. Sanchez should solve his own internal problems rather than worry about Gibraltar, leave us alone”.

For Ric Setter, engineer, “it is very disturbing for the people of Gibraltar because they feel very vulnerable, they never really wanted this Brexit, and they feel they are not supported by Europe. “.

The question of the sovereignty of Gibraltar is a major issue in Spain. the countdown to the Brexit agreement is fueling tensions.

“We do not intend to reopen the withdrawal agreement but we will work with the governments of Gibraltar and Madrid on our future relationship,” a spokeswoman for Theresa May said in London on Friday.

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