Brexit Queen Elizabeth II gives Boris Johnson permission to suspend Parliament

Brexit: Queen Elizabeth II gives Boris Johnson permission to suspend Parliament


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the suspension of Parliament’s work between the second week of September and 14 October.

Thunderclap in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday (August 28th) asked Queen Elizabeth II to suspend Parliament for five weeks. The monarch gave his agreement, which is usually a formality, in the afternoon. The document specifies that the suspension will start “not earlier than Monday, September 9 and not later than Thursday, September 12”. Parliamentarians will only sit again on 14 October, two weeks ahead of the planned Brexit date.

Members will only sit for a few days. After the parliamentary return scheduled on September 3, the work of members will be suspended until the speech of the Queen scheduled for mid-October. The sovereign traditionally presents the program of the government.

Two weeks to “debate” Brexit. Boris Johnson says MEPs will have “the opportunity to debate the government agenda and its approach to Brexit before the European Council [of 17 and 18 October] and then vote on 21 and 22 October, once its result is known”. “If I succeed in reaching an agreement with the EU, then Parliament can pass the law for the ratification of the agreement before October 31,” he said.

The ulcerated parliamentarians. The announcement of Boris Johnson provoked strong criticism from parliamentarians, even in his camp. Conservative House Speaker John Bercow described the suspension of Parliament as a “constitutional scandal”.

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