British Labor Launch Campaign for Europeans

British Labor Launch Campaign for Europeans


It was in Gillingham, County Kent, that Jeremy Corbyn kicked off his European campaign. And it is no coincidence that the leader of the British Labor Party chose this territory, which largely voted to leave the European Union in the referendum in 2015. Because it is in these lands pro-Brexit that the party lost the most seats in local elections last week more than 80 local council seats against more than 1300 for conservatives).

“Red lines”

For the time being, the Labor Party does not seem to be benefiting from the difficulties of Theresa May‘s Conservative government, with whom they have been engaged for more than a month to come to a consensus on Brexit.

“The discussions we had with the government were difficult, because this government is breaking down on its own. We want to protect jobs, trade and rights,” said Jeremy Corbyn.

“We met yesterday and there will be a new interview soon, but to be honest, the government has to move its red lines.”

“Alternative plan”

Faced with the risk of a British vote-to-vote at the end of May, which could affect both Conservatives and Labor, the opposition leader says he has an “alternative plan” that would bring everyone together:

“It is in the interest of the country to repair this problem in one way or another, but we can never accept the agreement proposed by the government, nor an exit without a disastrous agreement. to get neither an agreement about our ideas and our alternative plan, nor new elections, then Labor will support the idea of ​​a new vote, “said Labor leader.

Austerity and climate change

A second referendum that the Prime Minister continues to categorically refuse, as she did yesterday at the weekly question-and-answer session in the British Parliament.

But knowing the unpopularity of Brexit in the country, Jeremy Corbyn wanted to refocus the debate on other topics, targeting the policy of “austerity” of conservatives or evoking climate change …

He notably sang the slogan “the many and the fews”, implying that there is the great majority “who works, creates wealth and pays his taxes”, and a minority who “sets the rules, harvesting rewards and gets rid of taxes “. Themes likely to mobilize his electorate.

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