Clash between Hezbollah and the Israeli army.

Clash between Hezbollah and the Israeli army.


The Israeli army fought back on Sunday with several missile strikes by the pro-Iranian Shiite militia on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

Where will the military escalation stop on the Israeli-Lebanese border? Sunday was marked by an exchange of fire between the Israeli army and the Shiite militia of Hezbollah along the “blue line” drawn by the United Nations marking the separation between these two countries after the withdrawal of the army Israel’s southern Lebanon in 2000. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned on Saturday that his group would take revenge “at every possible location along the border” for drone attacks last week in its south Beirut stronghold. he attributed to Israel.

It was not long before, but the military experts believe that no protagonist has any interest in engaging in a war. They expected, however, violent clashes. Anti-tank missile attacks targeted an Israeli outpost near Avivim as well as military vehicles in the afternoon. Earlier, the Lebanese army declared that an Israeli drone had violated Lebanese airspace and dropped incendiary bombs. Fires broke out in the pine forests. The IDF was seeking to clear the terrain in the rugged terrain of the Chebaa Farms, an area Israel and Lebanon are fighting for.

A Hezbollah missile destroyed a military ambulance, but the Israeli army does not deplore casualties. IDF retaliated with air raids. Exchanges of fire have also broken out on the border before a fragile calm return.

Threats of reprisal

In the face of Hezbollah threats of retaliation, Israel had deployed heavy reinforcements as well as air-defense batteries to ward off drone attacks. The Israeli army had asked residents living up to 4 kilometers from the Lebanese border to stay at home and open their shelters. On Thursday, the Israeli army accused Hezbollah of fabricating with its Iranian ally, its strategic ally, precision-guided missiles that could hit nerve centers in Israel and “cause huge losses.”

She had also disclosed the identity and photos of alleged operational officials of the Iranian networks in Lebanon. They plan to “convert” stupid “rockets into high-precision missiles,” Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus said in a conference call with an international press that Hezbollah currently has 130,000 rockets. in Liban. A figure confirmed by the Shiite militia. A week ago, Israel conducted a raid in Beirut on a supposed missile assembly center. The Lebanese army opened fire a few days later on Israeli drones flying over its territory again. On Sunday, after the Lebanese prime minister, Saad Harari, asked Paris and Washington to intervene, the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement “multiply contacts in the region” and “call everyone to the greatest restraint” . The United States has expressed “concern” and “fully supports the right of Israel to defend itself”.

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