Colombia denounces plans to attack Ivan Duque

Colombia denounces plans to attack Ivan Duque


Bogota accuses the Venezuelan authorities of preparing for several months an attack against President Ivan Duque. Relations between the two countries are tense because of the mass exodus of Venezuelans to Colombia.

Colombian authorities on Saturday (December 29th) accused Venezuelan authorities of wanting to attack the life of President Ivan Duque. Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo explained that “for several months we have been investigating possible attacks against the president”. In recent days, three Venezuelan nationals have been arrested: on 21 December in Valledupar, José Vicente Gomez, 22, from San Felipe and Pedro José Acosta, 22, from Ojeda, were intercepted on board a public bus while they were in possession of two Tactical Machining 5.56-caliber rifles, three magazines and a rifle scope. The third was arrested December 26 in Baranquilla in possession of a mini Uzi 9 millimeters.

According to Colombian intelligence services, “the authorities are trying to see if there is a link between the information collected for three months and those arrested.” According to these sources, concordant elements suggest that there is a plan to attack President Ivan Duque in the coming days during a public demonstration.

The Colombian president was invested last August. Supported by former President Alvaro Uribe, he is considered to belong to the hard right. He accuses Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of being a dictator. “There is no more democracy in Venezuela. It’s a tyranny. A diet of satraps, “he explained in an interview with Le Figaro last November.

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