Democrat Stacey Abrams fights Donald Trump

Democrat Stacey Abrams fights Donald Trump


Stacey Abrams is the former Georgia state governor candidate, a rising star of the party, was chosen to respond to the US President’s State of the Union address, a first for a black woman.

“She will have a very good political future!” Promised him after the mid-term elections Donald Trump, however stingy compliment when it comes to a political opponent. This Tuesday, Stacey Abrams will have the heavy burden of succeeding the president on the television screens of millions of Americans. Since 1966, the tradition has been that the opposition, most often represented by a rising star of the party, responds to the presidential address on the state of the Union. To believe her peers, Stacey Adams has all the qualities to meet this challenge. “She is simply an excellent spokesperson, she is an incredible leader,” said Chuck Schumer, Leader of the Democratic Minority in the Senate.

Stacey Adams, 45, was revealed to the public last fall in a high-profile race for Georgia’s governorship. Celebrity host Oprah Winfrey or former President Barack Obama had come in person to help her. The ballot ended up failing. The candidate had only 55,000 late votes in the Republican-dominated state, where the stigma of segregation is still prevalent. Above all, her speaking skills impressed her peers. Ten days after her defeat, she had reserved very harsh words to her opponent, who was bluntly accused of having prevented voters from voting.


Black and progressive, Stacey Abrams embodies, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the new face of the Democratic Party that emerged during the mid-term elections. After being the first black woman to run for governorship, she becomes the first to respond to the State of the Union address. “Choosing a black woman to deliver this speech is a powerful statement about the place where the Democratic Party and the country are,” says Karine Jean-Pierre, Democratic Consultant in the Washington Post. This decision is all the more innocuous since this former elected member of the Assembly of Georgia currently does not hold any elective office. Privilege is usually reserved for a congressman or sitting governor.

Stacey Abrams : “Yes, I will introduce myself again. I have not decided what yet. “

His appearance on television on Tuesday night promises to be a possible springboard in his career. The woman who embarked on a round of thanksgiving last month across Georgia casts doubt over her future intentions. “Yes, I will introduce myself again, did she only let go in December. I have not decided what yet. “His name was put forward for the next senatorial elections in 2020. But a bad performance could just as well curb his aspirations. Exercise is dangerous. Many have burned their wings. Stacey Abrams is well aware: “The first thing I’m going to do is hydrate myself … I’m terrified. (…) My responsibility is not only to give voice to those who believe they have not been seen or heard, but to propose solutions … And do it all in 10 minutes. “

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