Democratic primary Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren vilified by moderates

Democratic primary: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren vilified by moderates


Tension rose sharply Tuesday, July 30, during the second series of debates of the Democratic primary organized by CNN, which was opposed by senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to their moderate rivals.

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were strongly attacked by their moderate rivals during a debate on Tuesday, July 30 between contenders for the Democratic nomination for the presidential election of 2020, which revealed the ideological divide lines within the party. The two left-wing figures vigorously defended their radical reform programs to defeat Donald Trump as their rivals feared to “scare away independent voters.”

Elbow-to-elbow in the polls, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are likely to threaten the current favorite of the primary, Joe Biden, former vice president of Barack Obama and probably the most centrist of all the candidates. “We are not going to solve the urgent problems that face us with poorly articulated little ideas,” said Senator Warren as soon as 10 of the 25 Democratic Primary candidates begin debate in a Detroit, Michigan, theater. ).

With Bernie Sanders, she defended the creation of a public health cover financed by public funds without any role for the private insurance, the abandonment of the criminal prosecution against the migrants entered illegally in the United States or the cancellation of the debts students. “Why be so extreme?”, Former moderate parliamentarian John Delaney insurgent, while Montana Governor Steve Bullock accused them of “playing in the hands of Donald Trump.” Elizabeth Warren, 70, strongly rejected them. “I do not understand why bother to run for the presidency of the United States, if it’s just to talk about what you can not do,” she said to applause. “Republicans are not afraid of big ideas, they,” Bernie Sanders, 77, added, calling for a fight against oil, pharmaceuticals, weapons lobbies …

  • “Crazy Socialists”

The two senators are currently supported by about 15% of Democratic voters, far behind Joe Biden (32%), who will debate Wednesday against other candidates. Given the large number of contenders, the CNN television channel chose to divide the debate into two parts, each with 10 participants. Also on Tuesday, Pete Buttigieg, the fifth in the polls with nearly 6% of Democrats supporters, tried to stay above the fray. At 37, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, called on Democrats not to worry about Republican comments. Whether the program is very left or not, “they’ll say we’re a bunch of crazy socialists,” he said.

In fact, just after the debate, the Republican Party denounced on Twitter “an outbid of radical and socialist proposals” – a term marked on the far left in the United States – and predicts a large victory for Donald Trump in fifteen months . Beat the Republican billionaire is not the only issue of the campaign, noted several Democratic candidates on Tuesday, promising to restore the “moral authority” and “values” of the United States if they came to power.

Beyond their differences, the Democrats found themselves denouncing Donald Trump, accused of being a “racist” by centrist Senator Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders – who added “sexist and homophobic.” The spotlight will turn this Wednesday to Joe Biden, 76, and Senator Kamala Harris, in fourth place in the polls (10.5%). In the first debate a month ago, the black senator attacked the veteran of politics on his past positions on racial segregation. Surprised, he had defended himself without ardor and the elect had registered a brief gain of popularity. Senator Cory Booker (1.5%), also black, has attacked Joe Biden for his support of a repressive law of 1994 and could also return to the charge.

Joe Biden said he was ready to be “less polite”. “If they want to talk about the past, I can do it,” he said. I have a past that I am proud of. Theirs is not so good.

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