Democratic primary: Biden, Sanders and Warren,The three favorites face to face in Thursday

Democratic primary: Biden, Sanders and Warren,The three favorites face to face in Thursday


Democratic primary: Biden, Sanders, and Warren … The three favorites face to face Thursday.

Now we do not play anymore. After two warm-up debates this summer, the top ten Democratic contenders will face the cameras this Thursday in Houston. And Joe Biden is expected at the turn against Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, after a first catastrophic performance followed by many gaffes in the past two months.

This is the first time that the former vice president, who continues to lead the race in the polls (28%), will face Elizabeth Warren, who continues to climb, now tied with Bernie Sanders (17). , 6%). Joe Biden will also find Kamala Harris, after being put K.O. by the Californian senator at the end of June. But after taking off, the latter has since fallen and is now far behind the trio (6.9%).

  • Cape on the left or center

In 5th place (4.6%), the young Pete Buttigieg continues his route but he will probably need to make sparks Thursday if he wants to join the fight. Behind, it seems complicated, with five other candidates with less than 2.5% of voting intentions. The entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who seduces many Internet users with his promise of a universal income and his effective punchlines (“The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian who loves maths”), could still animate the exchanges.

Attacked on his left flank at the previous debate, Joe Biden tries to convince voters that his centrist approach will be the most effective to beat Donald Trump in the Midwest and industrialized states. But Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, they prefer to turn to the left, making the fight against inequality their priority. Candidates should probably position themselves for or against an anti-trust procedure against Google, while a large investigation has just been launched.

  • Doubts about Biden

Joe Biden has multiplied in recent months slippage perceived as more worrying than the “gaffes” that have long been the charm of one who has been a senator for more than 35 years before being vice-president (2009-2017).

Questions abound about the physical and intellectual fitness of Barack Obama’s 76-year-old former right-hand man, and some wonder whether he will stand the test of this grueling campaign. But the veteran of politics has so far swept away these doubts, strong support from voters who still appreciate his genuine side and the perception that he is best able to beat Donald Trump, “the” top priority for Democratic voters.

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