Denmark will deprive the nationality of jihadists children

Denmark will deprive the nationality of jihadists children


Denmark : Children of Danish jihadists born abroad will not have Danish nationality, the government said Thursday after an agreement with its ally, the populist party of the Danish People’s Party.

“Contrary to current rules, children who will be born in areas where it is illegal to enter or reside will not automatically receive Danish citizenship,” said the Ministry of Immigration and Integration, in a statement.

“Their parents have turned their backs on Denmark, there is no reason for children to become Danish citizens,” said Minister Inger StĂžjberg, quoted in the statement.

In Denmark, joining a conflict zone, where a terrorist organization is involved and fighting, has been subject to prosecution since 2016.

Thirteen people were sentenced for joining or attempting to join a terrorist organization.

Nine of them were stripped of their Danish nationality and deported after a court decision. The others being exclusively Danish, they can not be deprived of nationality, according to the legislation in force.

The new agreement also provides that the withdrawal of Danish nationality, for binationals, can now be done by simple administrative order.

Copenhagen estimates that some 40 jihadists with ties to the Scandinavian country are currently on the territory of the former “caliphate” of the IS. Ten of them are imprisoned there.

The exact number of Danish children born there is not known.

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