Did Trump really suggest launching a nuclear bomb to stop hurricanes

Did Trump really suggest launching a nuclear bomb to stop hurricanes?


According to an American news site, Trump has repeatedly submitted the idea of ​​launching bombs in hurricanes. At least once, he reportedly mentioned a nuclear bomb. The interested party denied, referring to a “fakenews”.

According to the American news website Axios, President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested to senior officials of Homeland Security and National Security to consider the use of nuclear bombs to prevent hurricanes from hitting the United States . In support of his information, the site, created three years ago by former members of the famous Politico site, refers to “sources who have heard the private statements of the President and have been informed of a memorandum of the National Security Council “.

So, during an (undated) hurricane briefing at the White House, Trump reportedly said, “I understand. I understood. Why do not we neutralize them with a nuclear bomb? […] They begin to form off the African coast, as they cross the Atlantic, we throw a bomb in the eye of the cyclone and it disturbs it. Why can not we do that? ”

A proposal that left the other participants in the meeting cold. “You could hear a fart of a gnat in this meeting. The people were surprised. Once the meeting ended, we thought: What the F …! What do we do with that? “, According to one of those present, quoted by Axios.

The US news site also discusses another conversation, reported by a 2017 memo from the National Security Council, where Trump is also talking about neutralizing hurricanes with bombs, but not to mention nuclear bombs.

A few hours after the article appeared, the US president denied having made such comments, citing a fake news:

“The story of Axios that President Trump wanted to blow up big hurricanes with nuclear weapons before reaching the coast is ridiculous. I never said that. Just one more FAKE NEWS! ”

The journalist author of the article, however, maintains its information: “I keep every word of the story. He said this in at least two meetings during the first year and a few of the presidency, and one of the conversations left traces.

The site also recalls that this idea was already formulated in the 1950s, under the Eisenhower presidency, by a government scientist. Most scientists, according to Axios, however agree that this proposal would be ineffective, even dangerous.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an American government agency, has even written about it. Their position is clear: “In addition to the fact that this may not even change the storm, this approach overlooks the problem that released radioactive fallout would move relatively quickly with the trade winds to affect land areas and cause environmental problems. devastating. Needless to say, this is not a good idea. “

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