Donald Trump accused Google due to the disadvantaged in the elections run-up.

Donald Trump accused Google due to the disadvantaged in the elections run-up.


Donald Trump, who regularly criticizes the giants of the tech to be politically biased, accused Tuesday Google to disadvantage illegally in the run-up to the next US presidential election, criticism that refutes the group.

The head of the company Sundar Pichai was recently in the Oval Office to explain “that he did not plan to ILLEGALLY sabotage the election of 2020 despite all that has been said going in the opposite direction,” said the US president on Twitter.

But without evidence, the White House tenant later echoed the charges on the conservative Fox News channel by a former Google engineer that the California group wanted to “make sure Trump 2020 “and a reporter claiming that Google had, in 2016, removed negative articles about Hillary Clinton and highlighted other negative articles about Donald Trump.

“All this is very illegal,” said the president before warning: “We are watching Google closely.”

The group strongly disputes the insinuations formulated by Donald Trump.

“Misrepresenting results for political purposes would be detrimental to our business and would defeat our mission to provide useful content to all our users,” a Google spokesman told AFP.

Moreover, “the statements of the former employee dissatisfied are absolutely false,” added the spokesman.

The latter, Kevin Cernekee, claims to have been fired for expressing his conservative views. It has, according to Google, broken several internal rules including the use of a personal device to download confidential internal documents.

“We are doing everything possible to design our products and apply our policies in ways that do not take into account political trends,” said Google spokesperson.

Donald Trump had recently suggested that his administration would investigate Google after comments from billionaire Peter Thiel accusing him of being infiltrated by Chinese intelligence.

Donald Trump’s offensive against the giants of Silicon Valley is not new.

At the beginning of July he had again organized a summit at the White House on social networks, without the main players in the sector such as Twitter and Facebook, but with many personalities and ultra-conservative organizations.

He then called for exploring all possible legislative or regulatory solutions to end the “collusion” between social networks and his Democratic opponents.

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