Donald Trump accused of blackmail over the foreign head of state

Donald Trump accused of blackmail over the foreign head of state


A new case involving President Trump is making headlines in the United States and relaunching political debates on the opening of impeachment proceedings.

An intelligence officer launched an alert procedure after a telephone conversation by President Trump. Last July, on the phone with Zelensky, the new Ukrainian President, Donald Trump, demanded eight times that he cooperate with one of his lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, to find compromising elements on the son of Joe Biden, who is the Democratic side’s favorite to face the Republican candidate next year.

He allegedly made blackmail to find ammunition against his opponent before the presidential election. When Joe Biden was vice president, his son was doing business in Ukraine. The US president’s lawyer confirmed that he had demanded that the Ukrainian government investigate, despite the fact that he had already been cleared by the Ukrainian courts.

President Trump assures that he did not exert pressure during this conversation. Many things still pose a problem in this case. If he really asked a foreign country to provide him with compromising information about an opponent, that brings us back to Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.

Among the facts established in the Russian case, we know that a lawyer who claimed to be sent by Putin was received at the Trump Tower, by the son of the president: she promised revelations on Hillary Clinton.

  • Political consequences

This affair is still vague, but it already has political consequences, it divides the elected Democrats. They are questing for the opportunity to open a procedure for dismissing President Trump. Because it is the House, with a Democratic majority, which is in charge of deciding.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks it would be a shot in the foot and offer a political gift to Trump a year from the election, he could be a victim, mobilize his side. Others, who are still in the minority, but more and more numerous, think it is their duty to open impeachment proceedings.

What is at stake is opening an impeachment procedure, such as an indictment, like Clinton in the Lewinski case. The vote on the impeachment then depends on the Senate with a Republican majority, which makes it improbable.

More and more Democrats argue that this is a matter of principle: if they do not open the impeachment process with these elements, they fear that the successors of President Trump will feel free to go even further, impunity.

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