Donald Trump and Viktor Orbán appear together at the White House

Donald Trump and Viktor Orbán appear together at the White House


Viktor Orbán had said of him that he was an “icon”. Less than two weeks away from the European elections, the Hungarian prime minister was having a solemn moment when he was received by US President Donald Trump at the White House.

Two men with similar positions on many subjects, even though the relations between Hungary and Russia are a little cringe in Washington.

Donald Trump nevertheless welcomed the immigration record of the Hungarian prime minister, saying he had “guaranteed the security” of Hungary.

“We are proud to stand together with the United States in our fight against illegal immigration and to protect Christian communities around the world,” said the Hungarian prime minister.

  • “Hard, but respected”

“The people have a lot of respect for his prime minister, he is a very respected, hard man, but he is a respected man, he has done good things about immigration, according to many people,” he said. for its part, said US President Donald Trump. “When you look at the rest of Europe, they have huge problems, because they have made other choices.”

Viktor Orbán is “apparently a bit controversial like me but it does not matter,” continued the Republican leader.

This tete-a-tete with the US President, which spikes the pikes against the European Union, offers a platform of choice to Viktor Orbán less than two weeks of European elections during which the sovereignty and populist camp should make a push.

  • A return to the “House” for Orbán

Viktor Orbán set foot in the White House for the first time, about eighteen years after being received by President George W. Bush. New York Yimes reports that he had met Vice President Dick Cheney in 2001, but was subsequently denied the honor of an Oval Office interview in 2002 with the President Busch, after losing his position as prime minister. No meeting at the White House had been accepted by Barack Obama.

  • And human rights in all this?

Several Democratic deputies had called in a letter Donald Trump to renounce to welcome Viktor Orbán, as long as he would not have “put his country on the road of the democracy and the human rights”. A call that has obviously not been heard.

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