Donald Trump betrayed by the reflection of his teleprompter

Donald Trump betrayed by the reflection of his teleprompter


To announce the temporary end of the shutdown, the US president Donald Trump did not really stick to his notes.

As we know, Donald Trump does not particularly like using the teleprompter, preferring improvisation. On the occasion of the announcement, January 25, of the temporary end of the shutdown that lasted for 35 days, the American president has again let go, leaving aside a screen that … was reflected in the windows of the White House.

As you can see in the video at the head of this article, American netizens quickly saw that the speech of their president scrolled behind the podium, and stopped frequently, the time for Trump to leave in the flights of which he alone to the secret.

When talking about the fate of migrants, the tycoon focused on the plight of women victims of traffickers, telling in detail the tape on their mouth, the links around their arms, the journey of trucks at the border. … A story that eventually gave way to the official speech, the president finally resumed the thread of a teleprompter that had never asked anyone.

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