Donald Trump continues to undermine Europe

Donald Trump continues to undermine Europe


The US president Donald Trump, who on Monday received Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, is reaching out to populist leaders to weaken the EU.

Donald Trump focuses on two angles of attack against the European Union: trade and immigration. So many affinities shared with his Italian counterpart Giuseppe Conte, he received Monday at the White House. Ally of choice to undermine the European project, the chairman of the board has many similarities with Trump. The Italian populist seeks to hinder the arrival of migrants, and agrees with the billionaire on a necessary rapprochement with Russia.

The main fear of European leaders is to see Italy publicly support Trump, to better destabilize the European Union, which is already wavering under the blows of Brexit and the chasm separating the progressives led by the couple Macron-Merkel and the nationalists who flower east of the Old Continent.

Since his installation at the White House, the US president has repeatedly provoked pro-European leaders, attacking Germany and its migration management, or playing the false friends of the French president. “It seeks to crack the liberal liberal classic,” says political scientist Dominique Moïsi, special adviser of the Montaigne Institute. “He feels better with so-called illiberal democracies, hence his compliments to Orban’s Hungary or to Conte’s Italy. ”

“The European Union does not exist in his eyes”
Italy, the third economic power of the euro zone, is the best ally that can dream the billionaire. His support opens the doors of Europe to the US President, to further weaken the already damaged links between the EU partners. “In the 1950s, the United States threatened Europe with sanctions if it did not unite more. Today it is the opposite, the European Union does not exist in his eyes, “says Moïsi.

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