Donald Trump Net worth: he is ten times billionaire

Donald Trump Net worth: he is ten times billionaire


Real estate mogul Donald Trump, a White House candidate, said Wednesday’s assets of more than $ 10 billion, more than double the Forbes benchmark estimate.

“To date, the net worth of Mr. Trump exceeds TEN BILLION DOLLARS,” boasted, in capital letters, his campaign team in a statement.

The billionaire announced that he had earned $ 362 million in 2014, excluding capital income, rents and royalties, and that the sale of shares had brought him $ 27 million.

He also revealed that the big NBC channel, with which he was recently angry and on which he hosted the hit show The Apprentice, had paid him nearly $ 214 million for 14 seasons. NBC broke his contract with Donald Trump after the candidate made an amalgam between illegal immigrants and Mexican delinquents.

Donald Trump, well known in the United States for his hotels, luxury buildings, golf course and clothing brand, made his business success his main electoral argument.

Presidential candidates must declare their income, assets and debts in a form to the Federal Electoral Commission. They do not report exact amounts but intervals.

“This form is not for men as wealthy as Mr. Trump,” proclaims the Trump campaign team. “For example, the largest boxes are only for $ 50 million or more. Most of these boxes have been checked. For example, if a building owned by Mr. Trump is worth $ 1.5 billion, the box marked is “$ 50 million or more”.

But according to the list updated by Forbes magazine on his site, the fortune of Donald Trump amounted to $ 4.1 billion. Forbes says it has recently lowered its estimate and canceled the value of the Trump brand, previously $ 125 million, because of the termination of its contracts with NBC and other groups.

Donald Trump’s statement was not made public by his team, but will be available later from the electoral commission.

Donald Trump entered the primary race in June and faces 14 other Republican candidates. He received strong media coverage after his statements on Mexican illegal immigrants and was screened at the top of polls, number two behind Jeb Bush in two major polls, and first in a survey released Tuesday by USA Today, where he collects 17 % of voting intentions, against 14% for Jeb Bush, with 5.25% margin of error.

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