Donald Trump photographed at a wedding between the El Paso and Dayton shootings

Donald Trump photographed at a wedding between the El Paso and Dayton shootings


The US president spent the weekend, marked by killings in Texas and Ohio, at his New Jersey golf club. But where was Donald Trump when two shootings plunged the United States, 13 hours away? The US President appeared on Sunday, August 4 for the first time facing television cameras, regretting acts of “hatred” and blaming the killings of El Paso and Dayton to a “mental illness problem”.

Before that, the Republican leader spent the weekend at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, as reported by the US news agency AP. It was there that he tweeted the first messages of support to the families of the victims of the first shooting, that of El Paso, at the same time he encouraged on the social network a UFC fighter before a meeting, criticized his rivals or defended his action to free rapper A $ AP Rocky.

According to White House advisers quoted by AP, the US president was regularly briefed on the progress of investigations into the two shootings, which claimed the lives of 29 people on August 3-4. But social networks give a completely different overview of Donald Trump’s weekend.

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Arrived at his golf club Friday night, according to US journalists covering the news of the White House, the billionaire paid a visit to newlyweds in full ceremony in his club, Saturday, hours after the shooting of El Paso, which killed 20 people and injured more than 20 others.

“Donald Trump has joined Alyssa and Alexander at the Trump Golf Bedminster for their wedding,” reads an Instagram publication.

Alyssa and Alexander married at St. Elizabeth’s Church and danced all night during their reception at the Trump National Golf Course. The weather forecast storms, but it was finally sunny all day! Alyssa was breathtaking and everything went perfectly! The newlyweds and their guests even met the president and the first lady (on the last photo, ed)! Congratulations to the new Sir and Madam! ”

At the same time, two sons of US President Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were attending UFC’s fight that their father had commented on earlier on Twitter.

After the El Paso shootings, Donald Trump was accused by his Democratic opponents of fueling the rise of intolerance with his frequent statements of vitriol. “Mr. the president, stop your rhetoric racist, hateful and anti-immigrant, “tweeted Bernie Sanders, one of the favorites of the Democratic primary. “Your language creates a climate that encourages violent extremists,” he added.

A few hours later, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, a new shooting in Dayton, Ohio, will cause 9 dead and several wounded.

Defending Donald Trump’s post-drama stance, deemed passive and unapologetic by his opponents, White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney assured ABC that the president was “both saddened and very angry”. His first call was “to ask the Attorney-General what could be done to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future,” he said.

But, on social networks, the images of the president all smile at a wedding ceremony do not pass. “Disgusting”, wrote a surfer on Instagram. “He has no compassion or morality. I pray to God that he will not be re-elected! “Writes another.

“Disgusting human beings. #VotConference #TrumpSontTerrorists

“I thought he could not be worse than he already is. Then he does that. It should be a day of recollection. Barack Obama, we need you! ”

“But … But … But … Mulvaney said that Trump was sad and angry after the shootings. He really does not look sad or angry about these pictures. ”

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Two weeks earlier, on July 21, Donald Trump had already appeared at a wedding ceremony at his Bedminster Golf Club, at the request of the bride and groom themselves, as evidenced by several videos posted on Instagram.

He had been greeted with cries of “Trump! Trump! Trump! “And” USA! USA! USA!”. According to TMZ, the theme of marriage was the president’s very motto during his 2016 campaign: “Make America great again”.

According to Business Insider, Donald Trump has made at least 5 appearances at weddings since 2017. Six, counting that of this weekend.

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