Donald Trump ready to discuss with Iran without preconditions

Donald Trump ready to discuss with Iran without preconditions


Donald Trump said Monday he is ready to meet with Iranian leaders without preconditions to discuss ways to improve relations between Washington and Tehran.

The United States decided in May to withdraw from the agreement reached in July 2015 limiting the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for a reduction in the economic sanctions adopted against the Islamic Republic.

“If they want us to meet, we will meet,” said the US president. “I do not know if they’re ready, I ended the deal with Iran, it was a ridiculous deal, I think they’ll end up wanting us to meet.”

Donald Trump, who hosted Italian Council President Giuseppe Conte at the White House, was questioned by the press about the possibility of a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rohani.

“I will meet anyone, I believe in meetings,” he said. “I will certainly meet the Iranians if they want us to meet,” he added, adding that there would be no “pre-conditions”.

“If we can achieve something meaningful and not at the end of useless paper that was the other agreement, I would certainly agree to meet them,” said Trump.

This announcement by Donald Trump comes after a series of unhelpful exchanges between the US president and Iranian leaders.

On July 22, Trump threatened with unusual violence his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani in a Twitter message written in capital letters.

“Never again threaten the United States or you will suffer the consequences as few have known before in history.We are no longer a country that supports your demented remarks of violence and death.Sake careful,” said the tenant of the White House.

This message came in response to a speech by Hassan Rohani in which he warned the United States against a hostile policy against Iran that could lead to “the mother of all wars”.

For the moment, the other states of the P5 + 1 signatories of the nuclear agreement are looking for ways to ensure its sustainability despite the resumption of US sanctions.

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