Donald Trump maintains his racist attacks on four Democratic elected

Donald Trump ‘s government wants to deny asylum to Mexico migrants.


Donald Trump’s government announced on Monday a measure that locks access to asylum for migrants arriving at the southern border, arousing the wrath of Mexico and immediate legal recourse.

The republican administration said it would refuse, as of Tuesday, asylum applications made at the southern border by migrants who have not sought refugee status in Mexico or in another country on the road the United States.

“The United States is generous but completely overwhelmed by the burden created by the hundreds of thousands of foreigners arrested at the southern border,” said Justice Minister Bill Barr, wishing that the new rule “discourages economic migrants who want to exploit our asylum system “.

The concrete consequences of the text, which provides for exceptions, in particular for victims of trafficking in human beings, have not been made explicit. But Mexico has already risen against any desire to return migrants to its soil.

“We will be very vigilant about the respect of the principle of non-refoulement, in accordance with international law,” said the head of the Mexican diplomacy Marcelo Ebrard, expressing his “disagreement” with the decision of the United States.

The powerful civil rights organization ACLU, for its part, has announced that it will seize justice urgently to block the new regulations.

Courts have already invalidated several attempts by the government to restrict the right to asylum, including a circular banning the making of an application for illegal entry into the country.

Should it still apply, the new rule could prevent hundreds of thousands of migrants from accessing the world’s largest economy, and force them to stay in Mexico where more than 40 percent of the population lives in poverty.

  • – “Success” –

Since March, more than 100,000 people have been arrested each month after being smuggled into the United States.

Originally overwhelmingly from poor and violent countries in Central America, led by Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, these migrants generally apply for asylum, which allows them to stay in the United States for the duration of their file review. by an immigration judge.

Donald Trump accuses them of disappearing and inflating the number of some 10.5 million undocumented present in the United States.

The Republican president, who has made the fight against illegal immigration one of his priorities, seeks both to stem the flow and to increase the expulsion of illegal immigrants.

The migratory police were to begin Sunday a wave of large-scale arrests targeting families, but it did not seem to materialize immediately, which did not prevent Donald Trump to salute “the success” of the surgery.

By threatening his neighbor with customs sanctions, he recently obtained that Mexico strengthens its border controls, which has reduced arrivals by 28% in June. He also obtained that asylum seekers expect Mexico to have their case processed by American courts.

Despite this decline, border guard posts and detention centers are completely engorged and the living conditions within them are the subject of much criticism.

  • – Safe country –

Immigration should be one of the central themes of the 2020 presidential campaign, with a Democratic opposition standing up against Republican rhetoric and measures.

“They find that their policy of intimidation is not cruel enough, so now they want to prevent asylum seekers from finding security in our country,” tweeted Beto O’Rourke, one of the contenders. Democratic nomination for 2020, after the announcement of the government.

As the European Union allows asylum seekers to be returned to the Member State through which they entered the EU, US laws provide for the possibility of refusing asylum applications from migrants who have transited through a third country. Like on”. But they refer the definition of “safe” countries to the conclusion of bilateral agreements.

The US government is urging Mexico and other countries to sign agreements to this effect, but is very reluctant. The Guatemalan Constitutional Court blocked Sunday the possible conclusion of such an agreement.

“We will not begin any negotiations on the status of” safe third country “without receiving the green light of Parliament,” said Marcel Marcel Ebrard on Monday.

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