Donald Trump's schedule reveals long hours with no activity

Donald Trump’s schedule reveals long hours with no activity


Since the midterms, the American president devoted 60% of his time to personal activities, according to documents revealed by the site Axios.

What does the American president do with his days? According to documents published by the investigative site Axios (in English), the publication of the “private” timetable of Donald Trump on the last three months reveals very long hours without any official activity announced. According to these documents, the first five hours of Donald Trump’s day are generally placed under the sign of “executive time”, a vague formula that leaves room for many interpretations.

This Monday, as for most days last week, the official schedule of the US President contains only two lines. At 11:45, the president attended the briefing of the intelligence services and at 12:45, he had lunch with the vice-president. For the US executive, reducing this “executive time” to free time is caricature. “To scare the schedules is a shameful breach of trust,” responded Madeleine Westerhout, a close associate of the White House tenant. “What they do not show are the hundreds of calls and meetings that Donald Trump participates in every day,” she added on Twitter. “This president works harder for Americans than anyone else before him in recent history.”

“I try not to schedule too many appointments, I leave the door of my office open,” wrote the billionaire already in his book The Art of the Deal published in 1987, quoted by Les Echos. “You can not be creative or have an entrepreneurial spirit if your schedule is too structured.”

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