Egypt: end of the referendum on the Constitution revision.

Egypt: end of the referendum on the Constitution revision.


Egypt ‘s 10,000 polling stations closed at 9 pm on Monday, April 22, after 3 days of voting for the referendum on the revision of the constitution. 61 million voters were called to vote on constitutional amendments allowing Abdel Fattah al-Sissi to preside until 2030 and giving more powers to the executive.

“The turnout in the referendum will surprise everyone,” said Essam Hilal, Secretary of the Future of the Nation, the largest party in the majority coalition supporting President Sissi. There are many reasons for this “optimism”.

Unlike previous polls, polling stations for “displaced” have been multiplied. Voters could vote in these offices instead of the offices where they were registered. Millions would have benefited from this facility, according to Egyptian media.

Another reason is that the private sector has joined the public and state sector to support employees and workers at polling stations.

Finally, there was what is officially called “generosity” of businessmen, deputies or wealthy personalities who rewarded, in certain popular neighborhoods and villages, the voters who had taken the trouble to vote. A carton of essential goods such as oil, flour, sugar, etc.

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