Elections in Philippines : Duterte hopes to strengthen his power

Elections in Philippines : Duterte hopes to strengthen his power


They are nearly 62 million voters, for 18,000 mandates to renew, and one man to plebiscite. Officially, Filipinos who vote on Monday, May 13 are called to choose their next mayors, governors, their representatives in the lower house and their senators. But in fact, this election promises to be an unofficial referendum that must validate or not the policy led by President Rodrigo Duterte for three years.

“The question is whether Filipinos will approve or reject the outcome of the 2016 elections, analysis, Richard Heydarian,” Philippine policy specialist. “Is this an aberration, an accident of history, or has the country entered a new era, a new normal?”

  • Twelve seats to change the game

The main issue of these mid-term elections is the renewal of half of the Senate. For three years, the upper house has been the only institution to get in the way of the most controversial reforms of the president. These include the reinstatement of the death penalty, the lowering of the criminal age of 15 to 12, or a constitutional reform that would allow him to extend his term of office – even though he claims he does not wish to stay there. after 2022 – allowing him to renew his 6-year term.

So far, the Philippine president had succeeded in having some of these measures voted by the House of Representatives, which has been acquired for the moment. But impossible to pass a constitutional reform without the approval of the Senate and a referendum.

  • Controversial but popular

Since his election in 2016, the chief executive of the Philippines has been at the heart of many controversies. His provocative protests and the measures taken in the war he is waging on drug traffickers continue to shock the Western world. But in his country, the former mayor of Davao continues to enjoy great popularity.

While its anti-corruption and anti-drug policies violate the fundamental principles of human rights, part of the opinion praises its effectiveness, and continues to see it as a credible alternative to the liberal oligarchy that ruled until then. so.

His party is given favorite in these elections.

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